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In October of 2003, Xen was announced on Slashdot (original article). Shortly after at the 19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), which was attended by Jeanna Matthews, the Xen team presented Xen to the world. Jeanna Matthews and a team of students at Clarkson University were very impressed by the performance numbers that the Xen team had obtained, so they set out to set up Xen at Clarkson and repeat these results. In July of 2004, this team from Clarkson presented "Xen and the Art of Repeated Research" at the USENIX '04 Annual Technical Conference. The rest, as they say, is history. This page will simply be a place for us to link to projects and other interesting things related to COSI's Xen efforts.

Learning Xen



Running Xen: A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization is a book that was recently written by several of COSI's finest including Jeanna Matthews, Eli M. Dow, Todd Deshane, Brendan Johnson, Jeremy Bongio, Patrick F. Wilbur and Wenjin Hu. To learn more about their new book visit their website,, where you can find information about the book and how to buy a copy, links to additional Xen and other virtualization resources and a special "Meet the Authors" page.


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